This is a running list of bits of logic, according to Mr. T

*If told that mom doesn’t want to see any toys lying around the living room, the kitchen cupboard is an appropriate place to put the toys she was referring to.

*If we remove all of our flesh, we all look just the same under the skin

*Covering your ears and turning away from a conversation will be sufficient enough to stop it completely.

*If your friend loses a shoe across a fence in the schoolyard, throw your own shoe over that same fence in order to make things fair.

*If your stepbrother has a little sister, you are entitled to one in short succession in order to make things fair, regardless of the feelings of those you intend to actually care for this small human.

*Birthday parties are included in the inalienable rights listed in the preamble as a subsection of “pursuit of happiness”. This right is extended to all family pets, including dogs, cats, hedgehogs, hamsters, fish, snails, and the odd bug collected.

*If ANYONE gets ANYTHING new, EVERYONE gets SOMETHING new – equal or greater value (this last part applies only to T)

*Space in a bedroom is allocated solely upon the length of time a person spends in that room…i.e. T gets 80% of the bedroom space because he is in there 80% more than his brother.

*Once a bedroom is claimed in ANY house, that is forever T’s bedroom. This stands no matter how often he visits that home, or if the room is currently occupied by another, more permanent resident. In that case, he is just loaning the room to the current occupant until the time they vacate, allowing him to fully claim the space once again.

*Snow boots are for any season because there is always some snow somewhere.

*Any time frame in the future is tomorrow and any time frame in the past is yesterday. One just needs to count the number of tomorrows and yesterdays to get an accurate account of the time being referenced.

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