I am a 30-something human. I’ve had a small human grow inside of me. I’ve been married a couple of times, divorced once. I have a couple of mini-dictators that demand ridiculous things from me and for some reason, I can’t stop loving on them. My constant companion is an over-sized lapdog who thinks she’s peoples. I spend summer nights dancing in the desert with my amazing tribe of misfits. Those nights and the subsequent days in the desert have reminded me that no matter how alone I feel, there is always a place to come home to. Because of this, I’ve joined the ranks as a board member for the desert event so I can help create a space for the lost and lonely to feel like they’re home and loved. I’m currently working on a way to heal up and still somehow help feed and clothe the brood. Prior to the current stint at home, I spend eons as an accountant for various different industries. I was good at what I did. I loved what I did. What I did sucked my soul because I couldn’t figure out how to balance all the things that I loved and still keep my sanity. So I lost my sanity, gave up my daytime persona, and found out that I really enjoy baking, sewing, being a kick-ass mom to my ASD dude and my bonus kiddo, and wife-ing the hell out of my husband. I’m doing my best to keep myself from drowning and most days I think I may have a handle on it, sort of.