There is no word that accurately describes how perfect a moment is when I am petting a dog. Any dog really. I prefer to snuggle with my pup, obviously, yet I cannot think of something better to improve my mood than some puppy love. I gave my pup some extra snuggles this morning after I read a news story my husband had sent my way.

A woman lost her life yesterday evening at a dog park my family and I frequent. There was a fast moving stream that swept up her pups and she jumped in to try to save them. The dogs were able to pull themselves out of the fast moving water. She was not. The cold spring water took her life. Now her family and her fur babies have to mourn the loss of a loved one and everyone who witnessed this tragedy need to come to terms with their own experience.

This is a small city. I have probably had conversations with this woman and I have probably pet her pups. Her identity hasn’t been released so I cannot be sure. All I can know for sure is that the world lost someone yesterday. Someone who loved her dogs and her family. Someone who was trying to do a good thing and in her impulsiveness, lost her life.

Give some extra love to your fur babies today. Remind those that you love how much they mean to you. And please don’t jump in the fast moving water, literally or metaphorically. There are people and pups depending on you.


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