This is a sweet testament to my son’s innocent nature. When he loves something, it is completely. Sometimes it’s not that clear if he does love or even notices someone and other times it’s with such obvious ferocity that the object of his love can be taken aback. It’s part of his charm. No matter what type of love you receive from him, T feels it. Deeply. One recipient of his more aggressive affection is clearly the dog.

I can’t blame him. Mole’ is pretty darn amazing.

Mr T has a twisted up and mixed around version of what exactly is his relationship with his furry companion. Some days, she’s his baby sister. Others, his best friend. And still others, his worst enemy. She’s been proposed to, screeched at, ridden on, blamed, danced with, sung to, and loved on. She is his everything. She is the perfect pup for him and he is a lot of work for her. Mole’ definitely earns her keep.

T recently overheard a conversation between his cousin and his aunts regarding various school dances, local dress code violations, and of course the cost of Prom dresses and  the elaborate invitations. This sparked his interest in all things Prom. When do you go? What is the point of it? Who goes to this Prom? Does everyone need to borrow pants to go, or is it just the girls?

After what seems like an almost hopeless attempt at answering his questions, T seemed content with my explanation. Immediately after that – Mole’ received her first invitation to Promenade. I suppose, considering T is only in the third grade, I have time to budget for her gown. I also suppose I have some time to convince T that pups don’t commonly attend formal high school dances.

Just in case…what do you suppose the dress code is for a four-legged friend?

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