I was awakened the other night by T knocking on my bedroom door, sobbing and covered in DayGlo green glow stick juice. Apparently the stuff can burn sensitive skin after an extended amount of time. He claimed it was an accident. It wasn’t. Once I cross the threshold into the boys’ room, I enter into another galaxy. With the lights out, the normal mess of a bedroom inhabited by destructo-bots was hidden and all you could see was stars. This “accident” of glow stick juice escaping from the plastic tube (or multiple plastic tubes) created a glorious and magical space. It was beautiful. Imagining the process to create this space was another matter. I could not stop laughing. T had clearly broken open several glow sticks, received from his brother’s birthday party treat bag, stood in the middle of the room, and began spinning. He danced, twirled, and flipped the glow stick juice all. over. the. bedroom. Floor to Ceiling. Spines of books were decorated with the DayGlo green. Leaves of house plants became distant solar systems. Blankets, pillows, walls and toys, all became part of this other-world experience.

The expectation of me being upset with them caused both boys to flip on each other faster than Michael Flynn after a chat with some Feds. The entire time they were begging for mercy and blaming the other brother for the spectacle, I was doubled over, hardly breathing, tears running down my face, laughing.

They still don’t understand why they should be laughing too.

I know that when these two are all grown up and looking back on their childhood, this night will stand out. It was antics like this that created the amazing bond I have with each one of my siblings. Because of this ridiculousness they decided to engage themselves with, they will be better friends and better brothers and my heart grew 10 sizes that night. I hope they’ll look back on this soon, instead of waiting until they have both grown so much that the late night antics are too distant memories. I hope when they laugh about this, they remember the joy they felt when creating this memory and the unexpected reaction from their mother. I hope they remember just how much love was in that room that nights, as they were sobbing, I was laughing, and the room was glowing around us. I hope they remember sleeping in that room, under the glow stick stars. And when they visit this memory, it will transport them back to a simple and innocent place where you can create a universe in your own room, and dance after dark.

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