In an effort to make the world a brighter place, here are this week’s favorite photos of the many sides of Mole’ #bestdayever #Molethemuppetpuppy #sexypuppyposesIMG_20170331_194336 (1)

The formal portrait shot showing her confidence and style…wow! what a looker!

IMG_20170222_193107 (1)

The playful, flirty side of Mole’. Those legs just don’t quit and look at that smile. Girl, work that camera!


Hair, hair, everywhere and not a brush to chew. Getting the groom on is tough work. This sultry stretch on the sheep pelt is just what the doctor ordered. The vacuuming can wait, this girly needs her beauty sleep.

Just hanging with Hedgy. Cool as a cucumber yet that smile can melt glaciers. Yowza!


What photo shoot would be complete without the sensual styling of the full spread. Kardashians, eat your heart out!


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